Hii^^ can you tell me what program do you use to download videos?
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oh hiiiiii ! For youtube, dm and vimeo videos, I use KeepVid :)

SJM Guest House with eunhyuk, ryeowook and zhoumi

141016 Sukira-photo time with VIXX 

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141016 KTR - Ryeowook: Was with members in the waiting room, it was SMTOWN concert TVXQ and SHINee came to our waiting room wanting to play a game together. There was a 1.5L water bottle at the side. They put the bottle in my bag. Then… no on said much, said they were sorry. Then kept playing their game… when i came back from the toilet, ah… hahahaha let’s stop here


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Kyuhyun Weibo Update | 141018

GameGyu88: We went to eat Hotpot! After eating we went back hotel together ㅋㅋ  (T)

SJM Guesthouse preview- KyuWook’s “Moon Embracing the Sun”  parody [vid] [trans]


❀ “Let’s walk to the end together as SJ, and be together our whole lives”  Ryeowook

"Don’t fight amongst ourselves..If you want to fight, fight with other fanclubs and win” - Leeteuk







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'THIS IS LOVE' 7jib special album edition 10/27 [1392x963]

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